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FAW08 protective cloth – what is so special about it?

FAW08 is a specially impregnated cloth designed for firearm and metal care.

It contains a biologically based active ingredient (no silicon) for protection of all metal objects including gold, silver and copper, against rust, oxidation and tarnishing.

Non-greasy and environmentally compatible.

Purpose-designed cases provide ideal care and lasting protection for firearms. Even rifle butts and metal parts are provided with effective protection by simply wiping.

Aggressive substances which impair appearance and use can be removed easily with FAW08.

FAW08 is the ideal means of protection for all metal objects susceptible to rust, offering a host of unique advantages.

How does FAW08 specially impregnated cloth work?

The unique protection system is based on two principles:

 Application of the FAW08 protective film
 Evaporation of the FAW08 impregnation when stored inside the cloth and scabbard, as protection against damaging environmental influences

This is done by what the name stands for:

            =             Filming

            =             Antirust

W           =             Waterproof

Simply swiping with the impregnated FAW08 weapon protection cloth leaves a 2-3 micron (2-3 thousandth of a millimeter) thick film on the metal pieces.This is a type of protection against wear as its extremely thin film is an effective protection of the metal that does not fade while using the weapon. The applied protective film is a lot thinner than that of any other commonly used product. The film applied by FAW08 is both consistent and resistant. It adheres to the surface of the weapon due to the existing polarity.

It does not leave any oily, resinous or sticky residue and is completely free of silicones. It is also free from irritation to the skin due to its biological composition.

How do you use FAW08 protective cloth?

Simply swiping the weapon or metal with the specially impregnated FAW08 cloth is enough. This distributes a very fine and active protective film. To maintain the protective effect simply swipe again with the FAW08 protective cloth. The inner parts of our high quality scabbards are made of FAW08 protective cloth and protect your weapons sustainably during storage against any kind of corrosion. That way you easily and effortlessly protect and maintain your weapons.

What areas of application are there?

Its easy handling and possibility for multiple uses extends the areas of application of this innovative protective cloth beyond the realms of hunters and sports shooting. The effective protection against corrosion can be used wherever protection of high-grade commodities against corrosion is needed.

Areas of application include:

  • Tools
  • household items
  • automobiles and vintage cars
  • weapons and knives
  • watches
  • yachts and boats
  • sensitive electronics
  • and every other part of your life that could profit from effective protection against corrosion by our FAW08 protective system

Wrap-in covers

FAW08 wrap-in covers are ideal for additional sheathing of arms in cases or rifle cabinets.

These wrap-in covers are ideal for providing optimal protection of firearms against rust, corrosion, oxidation and aggressive environmental influences.

The wrap-in covers are available in seven different sizes, suitable for a wide range of firearms.


Western series covers are true value for money.

And yet they still come with an FAW08 active cloth.

The upper material consists of 100% polyester, is waterproof and extremely hard-wearing.


The upper material of this series consists of an insensitive, waterproof polyester material in traditional green. The 50mm thick padding (long waepon) as well the 20mm thick padding (pistole and revolver) offers maximum protection against shock, while the FAW08 inner cloth provides optimal protection against rust and moisture. This means no corrosion or oxidation.

The exchangeable inside lining enables easy replacement if required.

All “Exquisit” cases are available in five different sizes for optimal case selection.



The sport-line series in a smart, modern design in elegant black with thick foam padding and FAW08 active cloth.


Traditionally handmade with care from the noblest leather. For short and long arms for safe and exclusive storage of firearms. Naturally provided with FAW08, the unique protection against rust, moisture and other aggressive environmental influences.

  • Simply ingenious
  • Anti-corrosion cannot be more simple!
  • Safe time and money maintaining your firearms, while also maintaining their value.
  • FAW08 scabbards are manufactured by hand! We do not do mass production!

Try it for yourself!


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